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Nutraceutical Facility Solutions specializes in planning, design, and project management services for the cannabis industry. We have provided design services for edibles, concentrates and topicals production, laboratory testing facilities, indoor and outdoor cultivation, retail, and distribution operations. 

Our team comes from a diverse background in restaurant and food production design, architecture, agronomy, and institutional project management. For over half a decade we have focused solely on the cannabis industry, providing unique solutions with a practiced eye on good manufacturing practices. During our first project in the cannabis industry, we realized that clients felt that there was no one that understood their unique trials in this newly regulated market or appreciated the rich history of the industry. We set out to do just that. It is our mission to continually evolve with our clients, helping them tell their stories, while providing professional expertise in the unique aspects of cannabis facility design. 

We are still fulfilling that mission today. Our team strives to integrate regulatory compliance, efficient productive workflow, innovative technology, and creative solutions into your vision. To date, we have consulted in several states across the US, and in countries expanding their own cannabis regulations. We have worked on small additions or startups, to large manufacturing plants.

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Areas our team has worked on cannabis projects

+ Jamaica, Canada

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