Cannabis Operations Demand Unique Solutions

Cannabis facilities host design challenges that are unique to the industry. Cannabis operators commit themselves to the challenges of high security risks, a market without a long history of data, and ever evolving regulations, all while also holding up the ideal of clean, quality product for their end user. Their facilities will endure more physical and chemical abuse on a daily basis, and the business demands flexibility and constant innovation.
Maintain Product Integrity with Thoughtful Facility Design
Nutraceutical Facility Solutions experienced architects, designers and project managers specialize in designing cannabis facilities under regulatory inspection for food safety, hazardous environments, strict environmental codes, and security enforcements. We can provide innovative and cost-effective ideas for the design and phasing of a facility that meets the needs of today’s requirements and the quality of product your customers deserve.

Types of facilities:






Consumption lounge

Our complete design service package includes:

Facility Considerations

Site Analysis and planning
Conceptual planning
Architectural plans
Production capacity studies
Process flow schematics
Equipment specifications
Storage and Admin
Building and fire code review

Specialized Areas Considerations

Hazardous Environments
Clean room environments
Cold storage systems
Coolers and freezers
Process piping
Dry/Wet ingredients Flow
Hazardous Materials Handling
Pesticides Handling
Irrigation/Feeding Systems
Cultivation Lighting Optimization
Cultivation Yield Optimization
Waste Management

Additional Considerations

Facility airflow studies
Natural gas/inert gas
Compressed air
Dry Ice Storage and Handling
Clean-up water/wastewater

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