Start with a strong foundation

Nutra FS understands that to reach your throughput goals, mitigate risk, maintain control over project costs, and achieve milestones with a projected timeline, you have to start with a solid plan.

Considerations during Project Planning:

Budget planning

Basis of design

Feasibility studies

Asset optimization

Equipment procurement

Permits and schedules

Designing Your Ideal Facility

The process we start with will help you gain a clear vision on the incoming materials you plan to receive and store, what your finished products and expected throughput will be, and your storing of finished or deliverable product. These are always considerations that form the basis of design, but in the cannabis industry these considerations also fall within regulation that vary by jurisdiction.

Exact needs may not be determined yet, but Nutra FS will work with you to outline initial projections to get you operating. Using the basis of design to conduct feasibility studies and master planning will help further clarify these determinations. This may include concept plans, site reviews, and current asset assessment.

A Master Plan will take into account items found during these reviews and projections, and once a concept has been approved, Nutra FS will begin to further detail the plans. This stage is where we work as a team to determine where we may be able to implement creative solutions for flexibility, scalability, and product specialization. This collaborative effort between you and the professional team at Nutra FS will often reveal areas for opportunity that were previously discarded or unavailable, and we will actively engage with you to be sure we create a solution that effectively brings your vision to life

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